The Bonifacio Global City Artwork Display


Exploring the City of Art

Have you ever been to The Bonifacio Global City? If not, then here is one good reason for you to visit this place. Within the city you will find artworks situated in different areas. Aside from exploring the beauty of the city from its high rise buildings, high-end restaurants and popular shopping stores, you can also explore the entire city by visiting these artworks.
Map where you can find the artworks.
The Artwalk Experience
Recently I decided to take photo from this artwork and want to share this with you. It was a fun and very memorable time capturing those images. Being crafted to perfection I also tried to capture it the best way I can interpret in photo. I spend two days to get photos for all those artwork because of the limited time. All I can say is that, the time spent was all worth it.
Here are the photos and hope you can appreciate it guys! If you have some time, try to take the artwalk and discover the beauty of the art loving city. Mabuhay!

The Tree

Crafted by Reynato Paz Contreras, The Trees is a canopy of three interlocking trees which stand as testament to Mother Earth and her strong, unifying nature.

Ang Supremo

Ang Supremo is Ben-Hur G. Villanueva's tribute to Andres Bonifacio and the working class hero's struggle for the nation's freedom. Three-meters tall and made from brass and bronze, the statue is a silent tribute to the city’s inspiring namesake.

Kasaysayan Bawat Oras

Kasaysayan Bawat Oras by Juan Sajid de Leon Imao is a 16-meter brass and cement sculpture, which is also a sundial with seven paper like dolls representing the 7,100 islands of the Philippines.


Kasalikasan (a play on kasali ka sa kalikasan, or you are part of nature) is Jerry Araos' respite to worn out city souls – a garden designed for small gatherings, private parties, or simple retreats for individuals seeking rest.


Transformation, by Architect Lor Calma, is a grand and breathtaking sculpture of stacked laminated glass, three forms each between 5 to 10 meters tall. They represent the Philippines’ three main islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. At night, an internal light illuminates the surrounding cascading water.


Pasasalamat, along Rizal Drive, is Ferdie Cacnio's brass representation of two fishermen's humble expression of gratitude to the Almighty for a bountiful harvest.


Balanghai, by Leo Gerardo Leonardo, is the very definition of Filipino community (“Baranggay” is a derivative of Balanghai). Our ancestors braved untold dangers when journeying to Philippine shores and the vessels that cradled them would endure as symbols of hope and kinship as they built their new homes. It’s in this spirit of cooperation and promise that Bonifacio Global City has been formed.

 Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity, by Reg Yuson, is a suspended boulder fountain which highlights the connection between the audience as a mobile participant and their primordial affinity to gravity (a seemingly weak though strong force which defines the visible world as we know it).


Hearsay, by Reg Yuson, is a pun on the Filipino's penchant for news heard through the grapevine. It is an installation of twisted pipes connected below the ground which can actually be used to communicate.

Bearable Lightness

Bearable Lightness is a collaborative artwork between painter Ronald Achacoso and sculptor Reg Yuson. It is a cantilevered structure with centrifugal patterns of elementary colors suggesting a state of perpetual lightness. The intriguing mesh of painting and sculpture can be mounted by observers via a platform designed to communicate the tensions between gravity and weightlessness, surface and depth.

 Tinstaej #85

Tinstaej #85, by Conrado Velasco, is nicknamed "wee beastie" by the artist and derived from his on-going art series entitled "Tinstaej" (There Is No Such Thing As Endless Joy). The image resembles a silhouette of a teddy bear.

Presence, by Reg Yuson, is an installation of 20 free-standing floor chimes. The idea is to nudge the individual chimes to produce sounds that invite good vibes to fill the park.

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