Heineken + Lays = Perfect Sunday Afternoon!


If your plans on Sunday afternoon doesn't come out well, then there’s always plan B, and that is to stay home. So today we planned to check out this coffee shop near our place and I’m so excited because I finally got the time to visit that place. But to my dismay, the shop is closed. Lesson learned, should have checked what day the place is open. And so it happened, the only thing we can do was walk away from the shop and look for an alternative place to go. Then we saw the 711 store across the street and decided to just buy snacks and drinks.

Inside the store I checked what drink I want to buy since I did not get the chance to sip a cup of coffee so I decided to get a bottle of beer . Oh yeah! Beer again after last night of drinking session with my friends I want to drink again, but I’m not alcoholic! There were a lot of choices for a beer, but I choose Heineken. I don’t know why I picked that beer, maybe because I love the color green! Lol.

After picking up the beer I go to the chips area and I was overwhelmed on what to get. I personally hate eating chips or junk foods as they say, but what is the perfect match for a beer but a good choice of chips. So I decided to get the Lays, well at least it’s healthier according to its nutrition facts.

We went home and started drinking this good tasting beer while writing my earlier article about my dine-in at Zaifu. My Sunday afternoon turned out to be productive at least. Thanks for that coffee shop for not opening and to Heineken and Lays it was perfect! XUDX4DNSRSZU

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