Baguio City Adventure over the weekend


The original plan was to attend a christening of my friend’s son, but it ended up going to Baguio City and gets to reconnect with this cool city for not being able to visit the place for more than 6 years. Instead of heading our way to La Union, decided to go straight to Baguio City. So we have no concrete plans where to go and what to do while we’re on our way, we don’t even know where to stay. But as an adventurer we let faith and luck drives us to Baguio City.

We departed Manila at around 4:30AM and reached Baguio City at around 11:00AM, and our adventure begins. The cool breeze of the city welcomes us officially and the weather was great, the sun is out with the blue sky over the horizon. So we decided to walk our way to Session Road since the terminals of the buses are near that street. We will try our luck to find a descent place to stay; luckily the hand of faith is on our side. We found a good one located just one blocked away from Session Road. We check-in to the place and upon arrival we take a rest and started to make our plans for the entire day. We did not even think of things to do the next day since we are so tired from the travel.

So we came up with our initial plan, we look for a place to eat for lunch then start our visit to the different tourist spots near the place. First, we decided to visit the Mansion then Wright Park then head our way to Mines View Park. That’s the plan initial plan before we leave the place where we stayed. We are so starving so we decided to go out and look for any place to eat. We need a fast-food store because we can’t waste our precious time waiting for food in some restaurants. KFC was the first fast-food that we spotted and agreed to eat there. After we eat, our adventure begins. We looked for a cab that can bring us to the place that we want to go; we walked to Harrison Road along the Burnham Park and look for a cab there. We ride the cab and tell him to bring us to The Mansion. While on our way we asked the driver what way to take if we will be going to visit the Mines View Park after our visit at the Mansion. He told us that we should go first to Mines View Park since it is farther than the Mansion and we can just pass by that place. And so we followed the advice of the driver and we visit the Mines View Park first. After our visit to the place we decided to leave and go straight to the Mansion. Our visit was fast like we did not even spend 3 hours for both the place but we took some photos.

Since this over the weekend out-of-town was not planned we also got no plans where to go next, so we just decided to go back to the city. Upon arrival at the city proper we walked along Session Road and decided to just go back to our place and take a rest and continue our adventure during afternoon for a colder weather.

We slept for almost 3 hours and woke up at around 5:30PM. The temperature is getting colder and we are so excited to go out and visit some places within the city. It was dark already when we leave the house so we decided to walk our way to SM City Baguio to have our dinner. While walking along Session Road we saw the stairs going to the Baguio Cathedral. We agreed to take the stairs going to the cathedral. After visiting the cathedral we go straight to SM City Baguio. It was crowded during that time so we did not manage to roam around. We just look for a place to have our dinner. And the place where we eat our dinner was at Dencio’s Grill and Restaurant.

We enjoyed staying at the terrace of the mall because during that night it was a little windy and we enjoyed the cold wind around us. During our stay at the terrace we remembered a place that our friend told us to visit when we go to Baguio City. She told us that they serve great foods and coffee there. She is referring to Café by the Ruins. We don’t actually know where it was located so we tried to look for it but got no luck and ended up walking back to Burnham Park.

There is this cool fair during Saturday night along Harrison Road, since Baguio City is very popular not only for its tourist attraction but also that Ukay-Ukay. One side of the Harrison Road was closed during Saturday night to give way to Ukay-Ukay vendors. We decided to check it because there are lots of things for sale at a very low price. Most of the items there are from abroad. There we spend almost our time during the night. It was fun bartering with those vendors. So we ended up our night on the Ukay-Ukay Night Market along Harrison Road.

When we reached the place where we stayed we decided to take a rest and plan for tomorrow’s activities. We always wanted to visit the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad so that came up as our first activity the next day. The next stop was agreed to be discussed while we’re on our way to the Strawberry Farm.

So we woke up early at around 6AM in the morning to visit the Strawberry Farm. We ride a cab going there and while on our way we discussed where to go next. Good thing the drivers are also good tourist and offer places to visit. He told us that we can hire his cab and pay per hour and he will bring us to places around Baguio City and we agreed on that. So after Strawberry Farm visit he drives us to the Philippine Military Academy. The trip was a bit long since we came from La Trinidad but it’s all worth it because the weather is so perfect. We also visited the Camp John Hay and take some great photos on the Starbucks store. Lastly we decided that we will have our breakfast at Café by the Ruins.

Nothing beats this short, fun and memorable trip we had over the weekend!

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