Breakfast at Café by the Ruins in Baguio


Our Baguio City adventure over the weekend last November was a lot of fun. Although it was just over the weekend, we make sure that it will be fun-packed and will get to visit all the places that we want to go. One of our friends told us that if you will visit Baguio City you should also go to one of the best coffee and restaurant in the city. She told us that we should visit Café by the Ruins where they serve the best breakfast and coffee around the metro.

After 6 years since I last visited Baguio City I’m not very familiar with the place anymore. So the Café by the Ruins is new to me and we don’t know how to get there. We originally planned to visit the place after our dinner at SM Baguio but unfortunately we got lost and when we got there to shop was already closed. So we agreed that we will just visit it first thing in the morning.

Since we just stayed in Baguio City for just two days, a vacation good for over the weekend we don’t want to waste time and so we woke up 5:30AM on Sunday to start our activities. Our plan for this day was to visit the famous Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet then we will go back to Baguio City to continue our visits to some of the popular tourist spot there. So the itineraries for this day are these:
  • Strawberry Farm
  • Camp John Hay
  • PMA (Philippine Military Academy)
  • Café by the Ruins

Everything goes well as planned and we actually did a tour around Baguio in just 2 hours. We ended our activities by having breakfast at Café by the Ruins. The restaurant is located at 23 Chuntug Street, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines. The landmarks that you can use as guide are the Baguio City Hall and the Eurotel.

It was a perfect day and a very good weather that welcomes us in the place. The sun is rising with the cool wind breeze. This is the perfect time to zip a cup of hot coffee and eat your favorite morning meal. The place is surrounded by trees making it closer to nature. They have a place for smokers and non-smokers which are good to cater all customers.

When we got the menu we immediately look for their best seller coffee and it’s perfect! The Ruins Coffee! We made an advance order for this while checking what to eat for breakfast. The coffee was perfect it has this caramel taste but not that so sweet and they also have this sugar which I guess a muscuvado and this little sweet brownish thing. We didn’t bother to ask what the purpose of the brownish thing is so what I did was I put it in my coffee and it taste great. Nothing beats the feeling of zipping your coffee while the sun is rising with a cool breeze. That’s what I call a perfect vacation!

In conclusion, our Baguio Trip was complete because of this one. We had fun and of course or tummy were full. I will definitely recommend this place to my all of my friend who will visit Baguio City.  

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