Kusina ng Gerry's - Lucky Chinatown Mall - Binondo


I heard that there is this fast-food version of the very popular Gerry’s Grill and Restaurant in the Philippines and so I quickly search the internet and look for information about it. The name “Kusina ng Gerry’s” was on the top of my research and so I check where’s the location of this food store that my friends are telling me. It is located at the 3rd level of the Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, luckily I’m going to meet a good friend there so I decided that we check the place and see what it can offer us.

Upon arrival you will think that it’s a restaurant because of the setup of the place. But there is a counter where you can pay and order your food. They serve a lot of different variety of meals and they called it combo meals where you will choose what meal you want. They also have sizzling plate food like the chicken with gravy sauce.

The place is clean and the food taste great. The service is also fast and there are few people who dine here or maybe because it was weekdays.

In conclusion, I will recommend this place to dine and thumbs up for the management for a clean and very organized place. You can bring your friends here or family and never worry about the budget. 

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